A small design firm working towards a more sustainable, equitable future.

Hedrick is an independent brand strategy and design agency based in Wilmington and Seattle. We specialize in partnering with startups and nonprofits operating across sustainability, health and wellness, and climate technology. Founded by Cole and Samantha Ryan, we’re a small team of designers, writers, and strategists committed to helping our clients build meaningful, lasting brands. And we’re the makers of Caus, a climate job board.

We believe brand strategy and design are incredibly powerful tools.

Samantha Ryan
Cole Ryan
Distinct branding has the power to raise awareness, change consumer habits, and shape the world we live in. Most importantly, it has the power to create trust between organizations and people, whether that trust is warranted or not. And big, corporate agencies use that power to create trust in companies that don’t deserve it (like Facebook or Uber). This is why Hedrick exists. We’ve set out to build a brand strategy and design agency dedicated to advancing the work of ethical nonprofits and causes.

We use the power of design and strategy – the power to create trust – to build distinct brands for organizations that are worthy of that trust. For a long time branding and advertising have been a part of the problem. We believe they can be a part of the solution.

At Hedrick, the cause comes first.

Combining design and strategy.

A distinct brand is key to making a lasting impact. It's what separates the causes that receive the public's attention from those that don't. At Hedrick, we believe distinction is only possible when design and strategy come together. We work to combine straight-forward design with thoughtful strategy to build distinct brands, websites, and campaigns for our clients.

A simple and focused approach.

We’re not a big, corporate holding company agency, and we don’t want to be. They’re more concerned with numbers on a spreadsheet than they are with doing work that matters. We take a focused approach, specializing in just a handful of services. We believe this approach allows us to best serve our clients and their needs.

Our commitment to sustainability.

Brand strategy and design are incredibly powerful tools. They have the power to raise awareness, change consumer habits, and shape the world we live in. Most importantly, they have the power to create trust. We’re committed to working with brands that are actually worthy of that trust. If you employ unethical, unsustainable business practices, we’re not for you.

Not about #hustle.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t believe in hard work. We just think unrealistic deadlines, last-minute revisions, and late-night emergencies are a result of poor planning and disordered priorities. We’re not that kind of agency.

“We’re thrilled with the final result and have received nothing but positive feedback on our new brand.”

Sara Hamilton
Executive Director, Boston Cares