The Webflow Project System 2.0

Build Webflow sites even faster, with Notion.

We’re Hedrick, a web development agency working exclusively with Webflow. We’re Certified Webflow Experts, and we've turned our all-new 3-step Webflow development methodology into a simple, yet powerful Notion template.

3-step Webflow development process
Checklist and kanban board view in Notion
Access to all future updates

I’ve been using The Webflow Project System 1.0 for about a year now; it had everything I needed to double-check and track my projects. The updated 2.0 just made it even easier and faster.”

Lars van den Booren
Agency Owner, Official Webflow Expert

Keep track of every page, on one page

Get a high level view of your progress on the entire site, or dive into the details of each page.

Never miss a detail

With five different checklists (Client Design Handoff, Webflow Project Setup, Update Project Settings, Test & QA, and Launch & Client Handoff), you'll never skip an important step again.

Build sites in a matter of days, not weeks.

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