October 14, 2021

Why We Doubled Down on Webflow Development

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Earlier this year – just over a year after building our first site in Webflow – we became a Webflow Partner! We’ve since built dozens of sites in Webflow, and helped startups large and small move their sites to the platform. A few months ago, we decided to focus exclusively on Webflow development, no longer marketing our web design services. Here’s why:

Startups are increasingly looking for Webflow development in particular

When we became a Webflow Expert, we quickly realized that many startups and teams don’t just want a fast, powerful website, they want a fast, powerful website built in Webflow, and are specifically looking for experienced Webflow developers to build it for them. This means we don’t have to sell our services to potential clients to the extent that we’ve done in the past. The vast majority of the teams we talk to now already know what they want – we don’t need to convince them. We just need to be really good at the one thing they’re looking for: Webflow development.

We’ve found the Figma to Webflow process really rewarding

We also noticed that many of those same startups had in-house design teams, and were primarily looking for someone to develop their designs in Webflow for them. Startups like Recidiviz and Alt. We really enjoyed working on these projects, because designing has always been the most difficult part of any website project for us. Lots of back and forth, endless revisions, different styles and visions, and disappointment in the end product (often on both ends). Now, our clients come to us with the exact designs they want in a Figma file, and we build those exact designs for them in Webflow. Win-win.

So, we’re now a Webflow development agency

It’s been great so far. And we’re not alone! We knew about Finsweet when we decided to double down on development – and they definitely influenced the decision (they wrote about why they decided to focus exclusively on development here) – but we’ve since come across several other firms doing the same, like Crew, Ammo, and Flow Sparrow. This is encouraging, because it means there’s a growing market for this service, and plenty of room to differentiate yourself, which we’ll be writing about next.

Thanks for reading! We’re going to be writing about the process of building a Webflow agency here on our blog/newsletter. We’ll also be discussing our side-projects, why and how we’re building them, and much more. Follow along!

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