October 19, 2023

Case Study: Our Ongoing Partnership with A Little Better Co.

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At Hedrick, our goal is to provide the very best Webflow development services to our clients. We’ve been doing this for almost four years now, and have steadily built a network of some incredible partners, like the talented design and creative studio A Little Better Co. (ALBC). 

About A Little Better Co.

ALBC works with mission-driven positive impact organizations from tiny little one-person non-profits to global multibillion-dollar corporations who care about the future. 

At first, they hired us to rebuild their marketing site in Webflow. After a successful launch where we were all stoked with the site, we began developing multiple sites for their clients.

Climate Commodities 

Empath Labs


Our partnership: Hedrick x ALBC

ABLC used to rely on Squarespace to build client projects – a simple web platform for their clients to self-manage their content. But as they grew, projects called for increasingly advanced interactions, UX/UIs and functionality that Squarespace couldn’t handle. 

That’s when they reached out to us to leverage the full power of Webflow. We embarked on a partnership to carry the weight of sometimes complex client needs. 👇

Our partnership means that we get to work closely with ALBC’s team to dive deep and understand the functionality they want for their clients’ websites. We’re able to collaborate with the ALBC designers to make sure the final product is a seamless integration of design and functionality.

We’re proud to say the results have been remarkable. ALBC’s clients now have beautiful, custom websites that accurately reflect their brands and brilliantly meet their business needs. ALBC has been able to move faster with their clients, as they now have a go-to web development partner that can execute on their designs and ideas quickly and efficiently. 

The results

“Hedrick has become one of our most trusted and valued partners, and have been an absolute dream to work with. They are professional, responsive, thorough, and oh-so-creative. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with folks who take our concepts and not only bring them to life, but enhance them and support/sustain them over time.” – Simon Rogers Founder, ALBC

Our ongoing partnership with ALBC has been a success and we look forward to continuing to work together to build exceptional websites for their clients. We’ve now gone one step further, formalizing the partnership and becoming an official partner of their incredible Unless Project

Partnering with ALBC has allowed us to showcase our technical expertise and provide value to their clients. We have built authentic relationships with ALBC and their clients, which has resulted in increased business for both of our brands. 

➡️ If you’re a creative agency looking to expand your services, we’d love to partner with you to bring your clients' visions to life and help you grow as a result. Send us a message!

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