July 18, 2022

What Makes a Great Webflow Site?

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We’ve been thinking about what separates a good Webflow site from a great Webflow site. Since Webflow is a web development platform, we’re primarily focusing on the build of the site (the part we can control as devs), not necessarily the design of the site (largely out of our control).

Here are what we believe to be the three pillars of a great Webflow site, which we are continually striving to achieve with every build:

1. Scalability

This is the first thing we think about when building a site. Not only how we can structure the site for growth itself, but how we can build it for fast-growing teams – making it easy for new team members and partners to understand and manage. We do this by creating client-friendly class naming systems and easy-to-manage CMS structures, so that websites can scale with the teams that manage them.

2. Accessibility

We think websites should be useful for as many people as possible. This goes well beyond alt tags, and often requires us as devs to recommend changes to the overall UI or visual design in order to make it more accessible. We haven’t always been great at this, but we’re now making accessibility a top priority, not just an afterthought.

3. Mobility (responsiveness)

In line with our goal to make websites as useful for as many people as possible, we place a lot of value on mobile. For many of our clients, the majority of their web traffic is on mobile. And yet, many devs still tend to design and build for desktop first, and then translate it to mobile later. We’re now working to make everything just as functional on mobile as it is on desktop.

We hope this kicks off an ongoing conversation in the Webflow space. What do you think? Did we miss anything?