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Your new Webflow sidekick

Introducing Sidekick, our monthly Webflow development retainer subscription service at Hedrick. Get instant access to a team of expert Webflow developers to help build, manage, and scale your website.  

We’ve found that many teams need more than just one-off help with their sites, but they’re not exactly ready to hire a full-time Webflow developer. With Sidekick, you get all the benefits of an in-house developer, without hiring one.

Sidekick is perfect for creative studios, startups, nonprofits, or any other teams that need Webflow development and support on an ongoing basis.

What we can help you with:

Building new websites & landing pages

Adding custom code

Implementing integrations & apps

Building animations

Cleaning up classes

Adding & managing content

Webflow training

And anything else that's related to your Webflow site!

3 spots available

We have plans starting at $1,200/mo, and availability starting in July. Get in touch with us today!  

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Hedrick has been a great addition to our marketing team. They have allowed us to bring many ideas to life on our website, and they are very knowledgeable and easy to work with.

Sonia Leone
Give Lively

About Hedrick

Hedrick is a leading Webflow Enterprise agency. We’ve helped dozens of teams migrate to and scale in Webflow, including startups backed by Y Combinator, a16z, First Round, and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

Our clients include Beeper, Utz Snacks, Arizona State University, Vesto, Lob, and many more.


What can you help with?

Whether it's building out new websites and landing pages, integrating an app, or adding some custom code – if it's related to your Webflow project, we can help!

Is it unlimited?

Kind of! Many design or development subscription services promise "unlimited" requests but only allow one "open" request at a time, and don't make it clear how many hours they'll actually be available. Our pricing is based on actual hours of work, so you always know how many hours we'll be available. And you can submit as many requests as you'd like.

Why Hedrick and not another agency?

We’re part of the exclusive Webflow Enterprise Partner program. Everyone on our dev team is a certified Webflow Expert, and we don't outsource our work.

How do you handle project management and comms?

We’re an async-first agency, preferring to handle everything via Slack and Notion, but we’re happy to jump on a Zoom call whenever necessary as well. We set up a Slack channel for our teams to work together.

Does it include design?

No, just development. Sidekick is best for teams who have an in-house designer or design agency that needs someone to help with development. We're happy to provide design suggestions and feedback, though.

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